Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Introducing Wartime, the new solo project by Charles Rowell of Crocodiles. Take a listen to the new single, "WARTIME Won't Let Me" below.

Following in the footsteps of such musical magpies as Arthur Lee, Arthur Baker, Arthur Russell and Arthur Brown, WARTIME brings us his latest bedroom exercise entitled "Graffiti Dogs (Ku Ku)." A title inspired by the lady boys of Bangkok. This eight song album blends pop and poetry with sprinkles of cinematic delirium in-between. It's playful menace conjures up both John Waters and Kenneth Anger films. Ramshackle samples collide with wooly drum machines to bring us such originals as "Where Undesirables Grow" and the very Modern Lovers indebted "New Jersey Nets." Sinewy versions of the Dead Boys "All This And More" and the Dictators "Next Big Thing" also feature on this fantastic fry up of both the peculiar and the precocious. All he demands is inconvenience. All he promotes is dissatisfaction. Join the WAR while supplies last. Get up and dance with the fanatically depraved WARTIME band.

"Graffiti Dogs (Ku Ku)" is the 8 song debut album and available digitally on February 18 and you can preorder the cassette + download code below.
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