Thursday, March 8, 2012


Fuck this has been in the works forever and we're REALLY excited. This spring we'll be releasing Yohuna's "Revery" on vinyl, cassette and digital. The difference between this and the 50 copy self released 2011 cassette is that it's been mastered by Pete Lyman (No Age, Dunes, Colleen Green). Homegirl will be going out on tour with Truman Peyote in the meantime. Here's sample of the EP below, along with the tour dates.

Midwest March 2012 w/ Truman Peyote

March 16: Madison, WI @ The Dragonfly Lounge
March 17: Chicago, IL @ Ball Hall
March 18: Milwaukee, WI @ Bois HaĆ¼s
March 19: Normal, IL @ La Casita
March 20: Fairfield, IA @ The Beauty Shop
March 21: Dubuque, IA @ Off Minor
March 22: Beloit, WI @ Beloit College
March 24: Eau Claire, WI @ The TP Cave
March 31: St. Paul, MN @ Macalester College


  1. nice cover! i like it.
    nice music! i love it.


  2. finally indeed. i've been waiting for this as well, since i heard that you guys were releasing it back in like june of last year. an entire year! will there be a pre-order? thanky