Thursday, June 2, 2011


Hey, welcome to summer from Art Fag HQ. Wanted to update some important musical topics. Firstly, Plateaus and Psychic Dancehall singles are now up digitally on most sites in all regions worldwide. Plateaus came in and shipped out last week! All preorders should have found a home on yr doorstep or turntable. Psychics will be in very soon and ship out soon thereafter. Best Coast's Sun Was High on sea foam green, All Saints Day on red vinyl available now too.

In other news, Young Prisms are recording their 12" record for Art Fag Recordings as we speak and will be celebrating its completion with a special show with Cold Showers at San Diego's Tower Bar. We're psyched. It costs $5 and there is no presale. Crocodiles and our Mario Orduno are djing too. Hope to see all the freaks out.

Lastly, a lot going on at the HQ this summer. More releases from Bleached, Colleen Green, Psychic Dancehall, Plateaus, Heavy Hawaii, All Saints Day and more all in the works now. Heavy Hawaii/Plateaus tour in August (stay tuned).

Camp AF

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