Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Best Coast Orange Vinyl Available Now

You can buy the Best Coast Orange Vinyl by clicking on the button on the side of this page- down a bit- by the image of the record cover. You can also by from the retailers below.


Revolver/Midheaven (online)(AVAIL NOW!!!)
Insound (online)(Next week, maybe.)


Origami Vinyl (Los Angeles, CA.)*
Permanent Records (Chicago, ILL.)
Other Music (NYC)
Guest Room Records (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
Love Garden Records (Kansas City, Kansas)
Apop (St. Louis, MO.)
Waterloo Records & Video (Austin, TX.)


Zulu Records (Vancouver, Canada)
Escalator (Tokyo, Japan)
Rough Trade (London, UK)
Pure Groove (London, UK)
Volcanic Tongue (Glasgow, SCOTLAND)
Bis Auf Messer (Berlin, Germany)

* Has AF005 split 7"

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